Hemopet Thryoid Test Ordering Instructions

I understand that by ordering the Hemopet 5 Thryoid test, while recommended by Dr. Kangas, does not include an interpretation or input.

To discuss the results of the test, please use the request appointment button below to schedule a 15-minute nutrient review (conducted by phone).

To ensure the test is done properly, please read this section in its entirety and then follow the three simple steps –


Complete the online hemopet order form
Please see image below for completing the veterinarian portion of the form

In the Owner portion, please type your email and tick the box that says “send report to this email address”. This ensures you have a copy and our clinic receive a copy for your pet’s chart.


Upon submission, you will receive the order form from Hemopet, which includes written instructions.

Print the instructions and take to the practitioner who will perform the blood draw.


When you receive the blood, follow the instructions for shipping the vials to Hemopet. We strongly urge you to use USPS 2 day or Fedex as Hemopet also advises.

To schedule a 15-minute nutrient review (conducted by phone) with Dr. Kangas, please select button below. Please note that it generally takes 2-3 weeks.