Friday, April 26, 2pm Pacific Time

Does your pet suffer from excessive itching/scratching, hot spot or allergy issues? As Spring has officially sprung, this time of year can be particularly challenging.

In this live workshop, limited to 12 participants, Dr. Kangas will present information for 45 minutes, followed by a 45 minute Q&A**.

Participants will learn about common stressors that can affect chronic or seasonal skin conditions and/or allergies, how your pet’s physiological system handles these conditions and Dr. Katie’s best actionable recommendations for –

  • Managing symptoms related to chronic skin issues and chronic or seasonal allergies
  • Natural flea/tick prevention
  • Grooming and bathing
  • Herbal and homeopathic supplementation
  • Best tests to help diagnose sensitivities

During the 90-minutes this small group spends together, Dr. Kangas will speak for approximately 45-minutes, providing her insights and best recommendations for bringing positive change for your pets.

**The next 45-minutes will consist of an interactive Q&A period. To accommodate as many questions as possible, participants are encouraged to submit their questions in advance. We’ll do our best to answer at least one question from each participant.

Due to veterinary laws and time limitations, this program will not provide specific advise for individual cases. Questions should be broad in scope. If you would like a personalized conversation, including review of your pet’s unique history and situation, we highly recommend scheduling a Comprehensive Consultation with Dr. Kangas.

What participants will receive are actionable recommendations for over-the-counter products and tests, which when implemented, majority of pet parents report positive changes.

There is no one magic formula, but there are certainly many steps you can take to put your pet onto the path of improved wellness and quality of life.

Space limited to 12 participants.

Dr. Katie’s Top Picks

Everyone can benefit from Dr. Katie’s top recommended over-the-counter products for Skin & Allergies.


Seasonal Allergy

Omega 3 Test

Nutrient Testing


Food & CBD

In addition to the recommended supplements and testing outlined above, layering in cannabinoids such as CBD or CBG to your pet’s regime has also been of benefit.

Learn more or schedule a cannabinoid consultation with Robbin Lynn, Certified Cannabis Advisor/CBD Expert

Dr. Kangas will touch on diet during the workshop. If you would like individualized guidance for diet, which includes , schedule a feeding guidance consultation with Jessica Leigh, Certified Canine Nutritionist.