Dr. Katie’s Pet Parent Empowerment Series

Friday, August 2, 2pm PT / 5pm ET

Dental disease is the most common medical problem in dogs and up to 60% of dental disease is under the gumline, which means you may not see it. The high incidence of dental disease is important, but more significant is that your dog’s teeth affect his whole body. And your vet may not be making the connection between dental issues and other diseases.

When your pet has dental disease, it can lead to more serious health issues. Being proactive with oral care can make a big difference.

In this live workshop, she will draw on her 20+ years of experience and expertise to educate you about pet dental health and provide participants with information to include –

  • Importance of dental health
  • Pros and cons of anesthesia free dental
  • Post-dental detox regimen
  • Use of Pro and pre-biotics, antioxidants and fatty acids
  • Dental bones vs real meat bones
  • Home plaque removal
  • Tooth absorption and more

During the 90-minutes this small group spends together, Dr. Kangas will speak for approximately 45-minutes, providing her insights and best recommendations for bringing positive change for your pets.

The next 45-minutes will consist of an interactive Q&A period. To accommodate as many questions as possible, participants are encouraged to submit their questions in advance.

Due to veterinary laws and time limitations, this program will not provide advise for individual cases. If you would like a personalized conversation, we highly recommend scheduling a Comprehensive Consultation with Dr. Kangas.

Participants will receive actionable recommendations for over-the-counter products and routines to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy, ultimately improving quality of life, vitality and promote longevity.

There is no one magic formula, but there are certainly many steps you can take to put your pet onto the path of improved wellness and quality of life.

Space limited to 20 participants.

Dr. Katie’s Top Picks

Every pet (and their humans) can benefit from Dr. Katie’s top recommended over the counter products for oral pet health.

Dr. Katie’s



 Dog Breath

Food and CBD

In addition to the recommended supplements and testing outlined above, layering in cannabinoids such as CBD or CBG to your pet’s regime has also been of benefit.

Learn more or schedule a cannabinoid consultation with Robbin Lynn, Certified Cannabis Advisor/CBD Expert

Dr. Kangas will touch on diet during the workshop. If you would like individualized guidance for diet schedule a feeding guidance consultation with Jessica Leigh, Certified Canine Nutritionist.